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Multiple Domains per Company

Use Case: Company utilizes secondary domain for email while the primary domain loads their website. Example: uses for email.


A secondary domain option, with the abilility to add a list of domains associated with the parent company, allows us to track leads via email using the "Auto Create / Associate" feature without manually creating the contact for the parent company.

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June 24, 2020 11:03 AM

@kreiley would you be willing to contact our support team with the actual case (I wouldn't want you to divulge your personal business info on the Community) because that very well might be a bug and I'd like our support (and then maybe engineers) to investigate it further.

June 24, 2020 07:14 AM

Hey folks - thanks for bringing this to my attention. I want to make sure I understand the problem, so please bear with me!

Are you saying that when you add a secondary domain (e.g. to a company (e.g. and new contacts come in that are associated with that secondary domain (hubspotforstartups) then they are NOT associated with That would be odd. 


The only case where that might happen is if already existed, but was never merged with

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May 19, 2020 11:22 AM

Hey folks - this feature is now live to all. We'll continue to make improvements to it, but you can find the feature in the "Company domain name" property on the company record. It should look like the UI for adding multiple emails to a contact. Feel free to add as many domains as you need to add - there's no real limit.

April 23, 2020 06:37 AM

Just an fYI folks - if you want to join the beta, please include your HubID in your email to me! Thanks.

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April 23, 2020 06:11 AM

Hey folks - my name is Ethan and I'm a PM here at HubSpot. As Dylan mentioned, we've been hard at work on this and now have the feature out in beta.


As an overview, we now allow users to add secondary domains to companies, which should help you keep the database a little cleaner. The primary problem we're solving for here is when one company has multiple domains, but it's really just the same company. For example, contacts that have an email with and aren't working at different companies, we all work at HubSpot! Now, you can just add "" as a secondary domain to the HubSpot company so that activity related to any contacts or deals associated all comes back to the HubSpot company record.


If you'd like to join the beta and try it out, please email me at and I'll get you ungate. The sooner we can test the feature, the sooner we can release it. 

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March 30, 2020 06:42 AM

Hello HubSpot Community, 

Thank you as always for your continued feedback, it helps us build a great product. The ability to add a secondary domain to a company is something that we have been investigating on the HubSpot Product team. As a result, I'm going to move this idea into the "In Planning" stage. We'll continue to update this post as we make progress.

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I was just able to merge two companies without any issue.


I do feel however that this is a bit of a "hack". Why can't we just manually associate multiple domains with a company? It's a very, very common practice for companies to use multiple domains - for all sorts of reasons and applications.


This is an important feature for us as well. We are currently maintaining our own "Email Domains" field, but unfortunately creating contacts through the API causes automatic new company creation and association to happen. Please consider this feature!!


Yes, multiple domains should be possible without first going through the merging process.




Two years without a resolution? 😞 


++1 to this idea. This is a critical feature for us in a CRM!! Many companies have multiple domains. 


Can someone from hubspot address the status of this request??


Completely approve that this idea needs to be developed. In many instances Commercial URLs are not the same as Email domains.

Furthermore, many companies use different aliases.

The workaround to deliberately create a duplicate to solve this is not acceptable in our case.

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I would like this done as well. It seems insincere and potentially confusing to have to create dummy company or contact accounts to have to register a lead, which is based on URLs. If anyone has a suggestion for registering multiple domains associated with one contact or company, that may be different from @AllenHelms's (thanks, Allen!), please let me know.


How is this not already a feature?? Super common with educational orgs to have a different email domain than their web domain.






Would be hugely useful for us. 


We really need this feature... it's been here for a few years...




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This makes so much sense to add. My clients would really benefit from this functionality.




Yes, this is needed as many companies in my CRM have mutliple domain names, for website as well as email.  I've importeed from a competitor CRM .  When I merge to companies, I get both domains listed as e.g. " AND" with the and in middle.    See the example below.



When I manually add the second domain with the newburyport example.pngAND inserted, it doesn't save it and flags an error.  Seems this would be an easy fix!  It is very frustrating AND time-consuming since the contacts DO NOT associate with the company and I have to go manually add them.


Yes please, we need this feature!   It's a bit messy to use parent/child relationships.


Allowing the company domain to be a multi-value field is a great idea. First postion could be primary (for reporting / display.)


We have many clients who use multiple domains for email, yet all the same company. One of our largest clients is going through a multi-year transition to, for example. 


But we see it with small clients like who first bought that domain and later was able to get the shorter Their employees are using a mix of both domains for email.


+1 (would +infinity if I could).


We have many accounts in our database that have multiple email domains (.com vs; vs; etc.). We CANNOT merge these accounts due to our integration with SFDC (which is another huge headache). It is an endless uphill battle to try and keep our data clean/fight these duplicate accounts.


It has been years since this idea was first submitted, with no reply from HubSpot. This issue may cause my organization to switch providers as it is a waste of valuable time and resources to keep cleaning the same data over and over again. HubSpot, please fix this issue!


It is one more thing to this; sometimes the same domain is used by several companies, typical a mother parent and child company. HubSpot manages this just fine, except for one thing; when you have "Automatically create and associate companies with contacts" turned on, HubSpot automatically associate contacts with the company that has been in the database the longest. It no way to change which should be the default company for the automatic association. This could be solved by adding a way to set "default company for automatic association", or at least set the parent company as the default company for the automatic association.