Multiple Domains per Company

Use Case: Company utilizes secondary domain for email while the primary domain loads their website. Example: uses for email.


A secondary domain option, with the abilility to add a list of domains associated with the parent company, allows us to track leads via email using the "Auto Create / Associate" feature without manually creating the contact for the parent company.

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Agreed.  And merge trick seems to work - but what happens if you load a contact with one of the "nonprimary" domains? does it link properly?

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@tillson Hits the nail on the head - for our many clients that use the Salesforce integration, the "merge Companies" solution isn't available (this is a separate issue - but I'll save that).


This is exactly why we need the functionality that @Stanczak suggests - the ability to directly add secondary domains to a company record without relying on the merge functionality.


You can already manually remove these secondary domains through the UI (see below), so why can't you manually add them?  I've been researching workarounds such as using the HubSpot API to access/edit this secondary domain information, but so far have had no luck.

merged domains.png

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 another scenario is when a company uses multiple domains eg both .com and

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give us the UI and tools!

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The merge workaround does not work if you have Salesforce company sync enabled.


Companies should be able to have multiple domains Smiley Sad

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Our database is currently a mess with sometimes three different HubSpot companies for a single customer/prospect. This feature is sorely needed.

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Hello posting on behalf of my customer, he is also very keen on this idea. 
He cannot merge companies due to the SalesForce integration installed, so currently leads that flow into the data base are not correctly associated with companies. Feature requested is a secondary domain default property which will help automatically associate new leads with companies, like it currently does for domains. 

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We are really struggling with company data management:

- Lack of secondary domain in company data

- Auto create company setting being tied to auto associate contacts to company

- Lack of company lists

- Company workflows not able to be triggered by list membership


...all these are logical steps to improve HS and make it ABM friendly.


In the meantime, we just discovered - this is a workaround for merging companies where you have the SF integration installed.



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It is impossible to use the merge trick on a parent company since it cannot be merged. I have no options to add a secondary domain it.
no-merge.pngA parent company cannot be merged