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Multiple Customer Portal Domains With Business Units

It seems to me that "business units" has a whole lot of potential for imporovement. 


Realistically, it's a huge financial investment for a company to add this to their subscription, and I feel that it's significantly underdeveloped for the price.


I'd really like the ability to customize separate customer portals for each business unit within Service Hub.


I have a client with a parent company + 2 completely different child organizations that will now need to somehow share branding in the customer portal. 


This is going to lead to quite a bit of confusion.


Please consider working on this functionality!!

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This woul be a helpful feature for us as well.

We do not have multiple brands, but different business units.

HR Team has it's own ticketing inbox, Customer Service has it's own ticketing inbox.


This woul be a helpful feature for us as well. Please!


Same here! At the moment, only one business unit has access to the portal that links to their inbox, and it's impacting clients in other business units massively. Consolidating it to one inbox doesn't work unfortunately, as each business units have different workflows and pipelines. 


Esto sería muy útil para múltiples equipos internos, espero pronto puedan tener una actualización con este tema.


I addition to being able to control the ticket properties displayed, and the filters, and even without "Business Units" since at present this has not been a need for our instance, there would also be value to be able to create different Portal Subdomains based on the ticket pipeline, as we have subsets of users who would need different access to different types of tickets. As well as the ability to control visibility into the different types of tickets and ticket pipelines.

Some examples from our use case would be:



We have Enrollers who process applications and would only need to be able to see and interact with the application tickets they are responsible for assisting with enrollment.

We have a different subset of users who would need access to view and see the support tickets, for themselves and for their organization

And maybe a different subset to view and manage terminiations.

Happy to provide more detail or context to this idea, if needed.