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Multiple Calendar Integration for HubSpot Sales Meetings

I have a range of calendars I created in Google that all work within my primary calendar account. I created these for personal, volunteering, etc., so they could be color coded in my main calendar view for quick reference.

Unfortunately, these secondary calendars are not being pulled in when I set up calendar integration with HubSpot Sales Meetings. Having the ability to pull in multiple calendars would be an amazing feature to add for people who separate work from personal like this.

Thanks in advance.

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Multiple Calendar Integration for HubSpot Sales MeetingsEquipo de producto de HubSpot
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This feature is now live! You can find it by going to Meetings Settings > Calendar Integration. There is also a notification in your Meetings app that will take you there.

Multiple Calendar Integration for HubSpot Sales MeetingsEquipo de producto de HubSpot
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This is my support ticket - surely I am not the only one working with multiple calendars in Google Cal / Outlook? At the moment Hubspot only supports cal integration with a single, personal calendar which is not super helpful. Copy of my ticket...


"Hey I have several calendar under my log-in in Google Calendars. Not all seem to integrate with Hubspot Meetings. I have marked all events 'as busy'. Still those times that I am unavailable still keep popping up in Hubspot meetings. Can you help me fix this please? A bit embarrassing to have to send options back to client after showing such a snazzy interface (which is not up to date... from Hubspot's side...) A"


Thankful for ideas or votes to get this up and have Hubspot manage multiple cal integrations. Surely more people run their business and personal lives through Google Cal and use differently coloured cals?



_ashleyquintana Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner
Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner

I completely agree. We are facing the same issue!

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 I agree with this, it is almost useless to me if it doesn't work with multiple calendars. This feature was one of the reasons I upgraded to a PRO account. 

Nuevo miembro

This is vital for me as well. It's unusable as it currently exists right now.

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I also completely aggree.

It is not usable for teams that work together and create meetings from hubspot CRM, as it only integrates with the default calendar, It can't integrate with a team-shared calendar.


This should be a need to have in any CRM system, if not the integration with google calendar, then at least a simple overview of all meetings that has been created, so the whole team can see who has what meetings.

Equipo de producto de HubSpot
Equipo de producto de HubSpot
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Having the same issue. Don't want to share some of my appointments with different departments of my company. This would be a valued upgraded. Having something like being able to check off which calendars affect my busy times in the day.


Great that we are in planning mode! Thanks for listening HubSpot!!!

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This is also very critical our team. We'd really like to move from Calendly to HS meetings but most of our sales team (myself included) has separate personal and business Google calendar.


Someone please get on this ASAP. It's causing a LOT of confusion and we're having trouble finding any kind of workaround.


Thank you,

Mariza Pavalama

mariza[at] careerfoundry [dot] com

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I'm not able to use HS meetings until this is fixed. We really want to get our team onto HS meetings. Can you please fix this ASAP?

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I agree, it makes it impossible to do any tracking to help measure metrics.