Multiple Calendar Integration for HubSpot Sales Meetings

I have a range of calendars I created in Google that all work within my primary calendar account. I created these for personal, volunteering, etc., so they could be color coded in my main calendar view for quick reference.

Unfortunately, these secondary calendars are not being pulled in when I set up calendar integration with HubSpot Sales Meetings. Having the ability to pull in multiple calendars would be an amazing feature to add for people who separate work from personal like this.

Thanks in advance.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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This feature is now live! You can find it by going to Meetings Settings > Calendar Integration. There is also a notification in your Meetings app that will take you there.

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Awesome @mschnitt!

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Looking good & very helpful. Thanks

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Thanks, @mschnitt. Still not working as expected. Should I put in a support ticket?

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Multiple calendars is a great idea, particularly since it is linked to one email account. WOuld be great to be able to send a reminder emails from a support email account instead of a person-specific email account.

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BIG plus one for me. I'd even settle in the short term for reading Free/Busy the other Gmail calendars I have integrated into my work Gmail connected to meetings. They have full read/write access but Meetings won't acknowledge them.


Having a full MVP of adding lots of calendars would be nice, but in the short-term just reading other calendars the primary calendar has access to would be great. 

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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I have added my second email (gmail) as directed but I am still not able to add a second calendar.  What I am doing wrong?


@BFitzSmith : Have you been answered about how to interact with a secondary gmail calendar and not with default one ? I would like that my appointments fall into a specific agenda (shared with my team) which is not currently available into hubspot. Currently, it goes into my personnal calendar which is not the desired feature...