Multiple Calendar Integration for HubSpot Sales Meetings

I have a range of calendars I created in Google that all work within my primary calendar account. I created these for personal, volunteering, etc., so they could be color coded in my main calendar view for quick reference.

Unfortunately, these secondary calendars are not being pulled in when I set up calendar integration with HubSpot Sales Meetings. Having the ability to pull in multiple calendars would be an amazing feature to add for people who separate work from personal like this.

Thanks in advance.

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I found a solution! My goal was to be able to block off times from 2 calendars. But you can customize this further to suit your needs.
I shared my personal email calendar with my work email calendar, with my personal calendar showing only "blocked" time slots and not details. I named my calendar.
I then created my meeting link with my work email. And then under "Configurations" in meeting settings, I added my personal calendar. 
It works!!

I have to totally agree with this.  Similar to his post, I use Outlook.  I have color coded two different calendar color options based on priority in my outlook.  Only one is showing up and this has caused me to have someone overlap in using the booking a meeting feature,, and had to reschedule.  It's the same calendar, same email address associated with both, and I believe they both USED to be synced but for some reason, now only the one color of the two show up in blocked off meeting times.  why?  and please bring it back. 

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has anyone been able to come up with a way to do this?  we integrate with various patient chart software system.  we want leads to be able to pick their software system that our app integrates with and book the right appointment on the right calendar.  is there any way to do this?  right now bookings have to be checked and changed by hand.  we woul dpay for this feature.