Multiple Calendar Integration for HubSpot Sales Meetings

I have a range of calendars I created in Google that all work within my primary calendar account. I created these for personal, volunteering, etc., so they could be color coded in my main calendar view for quick reference.

Unfortunately, these secondary calendars are not being pulled in when I set up calendar integration with HubSpot Sales Meetings. Having the ability to pull in multiple calendars would be an amazing feature to add for people who separate work from personal like this.

Thanks in advance.

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This is very problematic, what is the ETA for resolution. I'm in a similar boat, but to be clear, I need this to work across multiple Google accounts. I use my corporate email through Google Apps and I use my personal Gmail for family scheduling. I need to make sure that both accounts are considered on bookings.
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Does anyone have a resolution on this or an ETA for when this might be complete? Having the ability to filter out meeting times using a variety of different calendars is imperative to making this work for me.

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 I completely agree too. At the moment I'm having to duplicate meetings in my calendar just to work-around HS Meetings restriction to one calendar only.

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Got the same problem. has already implemented a solution that works. I'm forced to use them until you fix this.

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At this time it is only possible to link one Google Calendar to Meetings. Meetings will respect the default calendar of the email address you integrate, but not any additional calendars that are layered on top of the default. I am happy to pass this feedback onto my team. I would find it very helpful to be able to integrate multiple calendars into Meetings, so I can be sure a potential client isn't booking a time that I actually have something scheduled on another calendar I use. 

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Absolutely agree. Who has just one calender these days? Especially as an entreprenuer juggling home and business life! Please add this feature!

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What they said! I have a set day and block of time that keep reserved for demos each week, and I block off my main calendar so it doesn't get booked over. I then have a separate demos calendar that Calendly books against during that time. I'd love to switch this over to HubSpot, but I don't see how it will work without supporting multiple calendars.

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I have different calendar at my Office in order to separete events, lets get this at meetings