Multilingual Knowledge bases?

What is the timeline for multilingual knowledge bases?

We have a multilingual SaaS platform that can be quite complex that requires a robust multilingual knowledge base.


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@goconnor The form doesn't work:

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@finn @davidwimi apologies. The form is fixed now.

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@goconnor No worries. 🙂

When will we be added to the beta version? 

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People will be added to the beta on a weekly basis. Anyone who had submitted the form on or before May 28 have now been added to the beta.

Status updated to: In Beta
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Hi everyone,


Thank you all for your feedback as we've worked on this beta! It's nearing completion (at which point it will no longer be "in beta"). 


If you'd like access to the beta, please email me directly with your Hub ID: -- include "Knowledge base beta" in the subject line for the fastest response. 


- Snaedis. 

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Hi @Snaedis,


I don't know where I should write my feedbacks so I'll write it here. I only have one.
I think that it could be great if we could choose to enable/desable the switch from one language to another. My French knowledge base contains links that I don't want to share with my US clients. So If I could cancel te option to switch from French to English and English to French, that would be great.



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Thanks for this feedback, @MarinoEnglish! I'm interested to learn more about how you'd ideally like these links to work (or not work) between languages. I'll message you directly so we can chat about the details 🙂 

Status updated to: Delivered
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Multi-lingual knowledge base is live to all Service Hub Professional and Enterprise portals! More about how to get started can be found in this help article.