Multilingual Knowledge bases?

What is the timeline for multilingual knowledge bases?

We have a multilingual SaaS platform that can be quite complex that requires a robust multilingual knowledge base.


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Been requesting this since first Knowledge Base came out!


Hope this is already in the development pipeline!



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We also can't have our knowledge base in a single language.

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That is mandatory to implement this!


At least give us the ability to create more than one knowledge base and we would use this to create translations. This is what we do for blogs.

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My 2 cents of specifications of this feature, very important to provide the best user experience to customers:


In the general settings of the knowlgede base, have the possibility to define one or more languages that will be available when writing and reading articles. Possibility to define a default language in the settings too.
When editing article, have a possibility to choose the language of the content you are editing.
When reading the article, display the content according to the browser language, and if it is not available, display the article in the default language, and also give the possibility to user to choose the language of the article.



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We need this badly as well. When will it be available?

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Agreed, we need this feature too. 

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Definitely up and high as possible.


I think that Hubspot´s European customers would benefit greatly from this. Hubspot has a lot to gain on the service part, so hopefully, more features and updates will come.

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Any update on this? It would be really helpfull for our customers. 

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We would also need this for a european client. Any update on implementation timing?

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