Multilingual Knowledge bases?

What is the timeline for multilingual knowledge bases?

We have a multilingual SaaS platform that can be quite complex that requires a robust multilingual knowledge base.


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This is quite important for us as well! Do you know when this feature will be available?

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We are planning to move our Intercom account to Hubspot, as they do not support multilingual "Knowledge articles" (Support articles) but apparently Hubspot doesn't either? 


We really need this to support our customers in various countries and languages.

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Thanks for your explanation. Is it possible for you now to give somewhat of an indication? 

This function will also be quite relevant for our support system. 

Thanks in advance!

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Same for us, we are an Australian SaaS company, but we work globally with a lot of clients in Europe (especially France).  While the other features in Hubspot work well for multi-lingual, we definitely need this for the Knowledge Base as well.

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need this!

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For our multi-lingual clients the knowledge base tool is useless. 90% of our clients require more than one language. HubSpot should deploy multi-lingual tools by default. 

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We were told by our HS contact that the Kowledge Base was to be multilingual by the end of 2018 and have counted on it. Very much looking forward to this!

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Hi, Same issue : We just subscribed to Hubspot for managing support of our multilingual platform. As the support is currently available in several languages the multilingual knowledge base is a must have for us, otherwise it makes the tool useless on several aspects for support : chatbot...

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We need this as enterprise customer with over 50 countries.