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The ability to break forms up into 2-3 steps. Gradually asking for more information would be useful. See Unbounce's feature:


Their are plenty of studies to suggest that these can increase long form conversions.

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@jkeough78  We are aware of the issues on the smallest screensize, and have not been able to resolve the issues with Hubspot.  Unfortunately its Hubspot side of the code which controls the CSS linebreaks, we know where the conflict is, we just can't get in there to resolve. However, we work diligently with all those who purchase the module to make it the best possible fit for there needs.  

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The styling needs some work, but a little CSS can fix that. That is what i've been working on. However, the javascript and logic behind the module is sound. It's a much better solution than using progressive profiling or redirecting to multiple forms. If you have more than 3 steps, the progress bullets can be problematic on mobile as well. Perhaps @Larmahil could look at adding a progress bar option to the module?

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@Larmahil and @ndwilliams3, thanks for all the help on this. No doubt the LarmaHil solution looks pretty good! I'll take a look but I'd bet the mobile styling could be improved. If all else fails, just remove the steps icons completely. Thanks again.

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Before the moderators jump on and accuse us of getting off-topic, I accept personal messages with comments or questions about our form modules.  I would be happy to share any solutions we have come up or receive suggestions for custom features there.  @ndwilliams3 I'm glad you are enjoying the module @jkeough78 I hope to work with you soon!