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Multi-select property when merging

When a Contact or Company has a multi-select property, during a merge the values of the source objects are not "copied" to the destination object. 

For example, Company has a custom multi-select project named MarTech stack. Company 1 has values "Hubspot", "Google Analytics" and Company 2 has values "Mailchimp" and "Matomo". When these companies are merged, you want to maintain all 4 values.


With an import you can choose the bahavior by adding a ';' (to add) or without semicolumn (to replace).

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We would also like this feature, but for multi-line properties as well.


Our customers sometimes have multiple accounts in our product which we keep track of using a multi-line property.  When we see that multiple accounts are being run by the same company, we need to merge them in HubSpot, so we need the multi-line properties to COMBINE rather than REPLACE.


Agreed, the lack of this feature leads to a loss of key data from records, especially given that anyone can merge records, so will not know that they should check all multi-select fields before and after and manually put back the data. An option at point of merge "combine multi-select values" would mean that the current behaviour could be preserved if beneficial, and ideally a setting to set that default as we would default that to On for all record types.

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Yes I had to halt all merging with a large client because we were losing key data held in Multi Select Checkboxes. This is a major flaw across many of HubSpot's tools.


I can only add that it is a reasonable assumption that this is what would happen in a "merge" of any multi-select situation - data would be merged, not over-written and effectively deleted.   


We have a 'teacher-designations' field that apply to their various types of teaching or event participation - often due to changing emails, a new contact is added for a new event - and the designations is in a new record etc.