Multi-select forms or ability to use 'CONTAINS' in workflow or active list filters


Right now I am forced to select an individual form when I am looking at creating a workflow or active list filter. There are many cases where I want to pull in people who have filled out a few forms across our site, and the only way to do this right now is to clone the entire filtering criteria into a new 'OR' group and update the form to be the second form, then clone again and update to the third, etc.


This creates a massive and hard to read list of all the criteria I'm using.


The form selector filter should allow me to select multiple forms at once, or leverage some sort of system like searching off of form name 'CONTAINS' to pull in multiple forms at once.


This is functionality that Marketo has and is very useful.

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I would find this very useful as well! Selecting each form individually is painful and selecting "Any form on any page" isn't possible because the Sales Reps meeting links are included in the list. 


I would also like to be able to select by a category of forms:

- Contact Form

- Content Form

- Event Form 

- Meetings Link