Multi level dependent fields

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I'd like to have more than 1 level in the dependent fields in forms.

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Feb 17, 2020

I'm afraid I'm not 100% sure, @Andreas, it's been a little while since I worked on the Forms products. Tagging in @DomRychlik who's PM on Forms. Dom should be able to confirm for you Smiley (fröhlich)

Jun 20, 2019

Afraid not @joshtaylor, I'm no longer part of the team working on the Forms product but tagging in @DomRychlik who may be able to confirm for you.

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Me too! Formstack can do it, so why can't HubSpot?

Neues Mitglied

Yes, we need more than one level of dependent fields. It will definitely make things easier. 


Also, allow for multiple dependent fields to share a row "split two/three". It currently looks so visually displeasing becuase the field in question might be short, making hte form look so imbalanced. 

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Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner

I'd also like to have the option to add dependency to an already dependent field.


For example:

I have the field "Puesto" and if the answer is "Director de área", the field "Área de trabajo" appears. But in the field "Área de trabajo" I have the option of "Other" and then I'd like the person to specify, but there's no way to make a dependent field again.




Just spoke to a customer who would also like to see:


Root Question:

[If answer is A]

  • Dependent Field* (REQUIRED)

[If answer is B]

  • Dependent Field (not required)

at this time it's not possible to make a field required as one dependency but not required as another dependency

Neues Mitglied

I also really would like to see this feature enabled.

Neues Mitglied

What I need is this.

Question 1. Will you attend this conference? (radial yes or no) If yes, lead to

Question 2. Would you like to present? (radial yes or no) If yes, lead to

Question 3. What would you like to present on? (single or multiple line text)


Any word on this? Would also like to use multiple nested dependent fields in a form.


We also have a need for this.  We are currently having to combine fields into on Contact Property and have an internal script separate the two data values to import into our database. It would be very helpful to have multiple tiered logic within the forms.  We have moved to Formstack for several of our forms for this functionality.  


I'd like to have multiple dependency options for more than just one contact.


I would like this as well.


Hey Hubspot! It's like a basic feature! Why is it taking so long?


It's kind of crazy that this is not available already. Could really use this feature for our business and form structure. 


Thumbs up to getting this feature built and added ASAP


Yes please! 


Yes, please please please implement this feature! 


Really need this feature as well its too basic right now


Would love to create a dependent field off a dependent field.



Are you attending Yes or No.  


If you say Yes, then Guest Attending Yes or No will populate.

If you say No, you can submit.


Then if Guest Attending is Yes, what is their First name, Last name will populate.


This would be a huge help for a large portion of what our clients need for their registration landing pages.



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Occasional Contributor | Diamond Partner

I really need this feature, it'd solve soooo many issues.


Any news about the implementation of this feature HubSpot please?


Any progress on this yet?