Multi level dependent fields

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I'd like to have more than 1 level in the dependent fields in forms.

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I need this too ASAP


I'm surprised this hasn't been implemented yet. @Shay do we have a timeline for this? 

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Afraid not @joshtaylor, I'm no longer part of the team working on the Forms product but tagging in @DomRychlik who may be able to confirm for you.

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Hi @DomRychlik, do you have a status update for us on this matter? Thanks a lot! Sebastian

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This would be huge.  At a very basic level, when you are a global company, you should be able to have someone fill out a form, and based upon the country they select show them only the state/region/provinces they need.  We havent' been able to have these fields on contact forms for years because this hasn't been available [in a simplified format that could then sync to Salesforce standard fields]. Pretty please???

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Need this!

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Any update on this? Looks like its need by a lot of people

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It's bonkers that this still isn't a thing.

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I would be very interested by this feature too.

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Need this urgently!