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Multi level Sorting ability by Columns

The ability to sort any table view by one column and then by another. Three levels of sorting would probably be sufficient for almost any use-case.



1st level - sort by column for Deal Stage

2nd level - then sort by column for Deal Amount

3rd level - then sort by column for .....


The value would be to be able to see data exactly in the order in which you want to see it.  I know Salesforce and Excel have this feature.

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Yes please to this. Currently having to do too much data exporting and reimporting to get the secondary/tertiary column sorting functionality I need.


Upvoting this, definitely need this inside HS and not the hassle of exporting out to Excel. Thanks!


Upvoting this feature request! Our team needs to analyze top XX deals based on close date, deal probability, and deal amount. Sorting individually doenst provide much insight and would like use HS and less of Excel. Thanks!