Multi-language support for email subscription pages


 It would be great if we had multi-language support for the email subscription pages. We should be able to tailor all of our pages to our clients' preferred language.

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Status updated to: In Beta
Jan 28, 2019

We're excited to announce that we're kicking off a private alpha for our new multilingual subscriptions feature - we will be sharing details once we are prepared to release an open beta for users to sign up and gain access. 

Re: Multi-language support for email subscription pages - changed to: In Planning
Apr 30, 2018

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Hubspot, what's going on here? This requirment has been posted 4 years ago and has 250 votes...!? Seems like even the BETA has been cancelled. I do not even understand the current settings...Will the subscription types render based on browser language or email settings?

Sorry, I am totally confused. Please provide an update on the status! 

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Can we indeed have an update about this? Very much needed for a client, Thanks !


Stumbled on the same problem. We already have the option to translate subscription types, but it's the full page with header and description texts we need to be able to switch.


Any news here? We can set languange on the categories but cant manage multiple language on the subscription page...