Multi-language support for email subscription pages

 It would be great if we had multi-language support for the email subscription pages. We should be able to tailor all of our pages to our clients' preferred language.

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Multi-language support for email subscription pagesHubSpot Product Team
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We need the same. In some countries it is not compliant to have the footer in a different language (France f.e.) and we have a customer with 15+ countries who uses HubSpot and can therefore only include the link to the unsubscribe all option in the footer. Shame.

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Big frustration in a multi-langual environment.


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yes yes and yes ty

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We need this is as well, everything else is doable in a multi-lingual way except for this thing. A real pity.

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Hubspot really need to look seriously at customers outside US that have multilanguage customers. 

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Adding my voice of support to this. Supporting multi-language forms and emails seems odd if one can't support multi-language preferences.

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Definitely need this.

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We have a solution for this which we are currently testing. I will let you know if it is stable once were done. 

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The company I work for also needs this feature, we have offices in 4 countries and have customers in over 8 languages. 

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@dgil89 @LukeD @JonathanDC @Emmanouil and others reading this.


Finally we managed to implement and test a solution for this in our org and also for an enterprise customer with business in over 14 countries. It is running stable. Contact me if you want more information. One time costs once implemented and we provide an admin manual.