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Multi-language support for email subscription pages

 It would be great if we had multi-language support for the email subscription pages. We should be able to tailor all of our pages to our clients' preferred language.

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Hubspot, what's going on here? This requirment has been posted 4 years ago and has 250 votes...!? Seems like even the BETA has been cancelled. I do not even understand the current settings...Will the subscription types render based on browser language or email settings?

Sorry, I am totally confused. Please provide an update on the status! 

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Can we indeed have an update about this? Very much needed for a client, Thanks !


Stumbled on the same problem. We already have the option to translate subscription types, but it's the full page with header and description texts we need to be able to switch.

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Any news here? We can set languange on the categories but cant manage multiple language on the subscription page...

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Yes, please.

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Hey Hubspot, any news here? This feature is very much needed.


@hubspot Any update on this? Multi-lingual emails are critical for our organization.



Is this being parked?  It was in beta in January 2019. Any updates?


@hubspot: Any news? 


@hubspot: Any news?

This is really important for us.

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Hi all

it's already there and can be implemented in 5 easy steps:

  1. You can add translations for an existing email subscription type in your email settings. Translations will render based on the language settings of your contact's web browser.
  2. Create a global module for pages and place the HubL Email Subscriptions tag in your global module, add fields for all parameters and connect them with the tag.


{% email_subscriptions "email_subscriptions"
    label="Subscription Preferences", 
    header="{{ module.header }}", 
    resubscribe_button_text="{{ module.resubscribe_button_text }}", 
    unsubscribe_single_text="{{ module.unsubscribe_single_text }}", 
    subheader_text="{{ module.subheader_text }}", 
    unsubscribe_all_unsubbed_text="{{ module.unsubscribe_all_unsubbed_text }}", 
    button_text="{{ module.button_text }}", 
    unsubscribe_all_option="{{ module.unsubscribe_all_option }}", 
    unsubscribe_all_text="{{ module.unsubscribe_all_text }}".



3. Create a HTML/HubL  Email Subscription Preferences Template and add the module to the <body>


    templateType: email_subscription_preferences_page
    isAvailableForNewContent: true
<!doctype html>
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <title>{{ content.html_title }}</title>
    <meta name="description" content="{{ content.meta_description }}">
    {{ standard_header_includes }}
    {% module "module_16564974484613" path="<PATH_TO_YOUR_GLOBAL_MODULE", label="Email Preferences" %}
    {{ standard_footer_includes }}




4. Edit your global module and add "Preferred language" smart rules for every language you want to cover. Enter the translations for every language. Translations will render based on the language settings of your contact's web browser. Combined with step 1, your solution is almost ready.


5. Select your new template as "Subscription Preference page" template under Settings > Marketing > Email > Subscriptions.<YOUR_PORTAL_ID>/marketing/email/subscriptions


Here again a screenshot for better understanding. The blue area is solved in step 1, the green area in steps 2 to 5.


Bildschirmfoto 2022-06-29 um 12.49.36.png


I hope this helps!




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This feature only allows translation of subscription types, not the whole subscription preferences page.

I already tried the provided solution from , but this doesn't work as well.


The subscribtion types will render based on the url parameter languagePreference which is coming from the language of the email containing the link to the preference center.

Smart rule based of preferred language will render the content based of the browser language.


In case the email was german and my browser is set to english I would see subscription types in german and the rest of the page in english. A mix of languages, not nice.


I also tried to use query parameter as smart rule setting. So like if languagePreference equas de = show german labels.

But that dindn't work as well because system pages don`t return all the page variables and request query.


No satisfactory solution!




I follow @MFischer. We're sending English emails to contacts with French preferred language.
The subscription preferences page is translated into French. But when contacts click on the unsubscribe link, they get a mix of French & English on the subscriptions preferences page.

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Hi @TylerScionti and @kleonard!


Any new on this? How can we access the Beta?





Following. Seems like a super imporant functionality.

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HubSpot, any update on this? It seems to have been in beta for years with a lot of upvotes and no solution.


HubSpot, any update on this? It looks like you are on 6 years to get this change sorted


@hubspot where can I find the beta (it's not in the list) and when will this be delivered as we can soon celebrate the 7th birthday of this request?