Multi-language support for email subscription pages

 It would be great if we had multi-language support for the email subscription pages. We should be able to tailor all of our pages to our clients' preferred language.

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This would be a great function to have, especially how my team and i are starting to do more spanish marketing.

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Has there been any progress on the beta? The availability of this feature is very important for an international company.

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We have many clients asking for this! Really need it.

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Hi all


We have multiple HubSpot clients, who are internationally located in the US, Denmark, France, Belgium etc. (at least 7 different languages). 


Our issue is that HubSpot's resubscription email functionality only supports 1 language

In real life this means that if a person from France has unsubscribed but wishes to resubscribe, then he/she needs to be send the resubscription email (as you know).

But when it is only possible to have this system email in 1 language he/she will receive the "wrong" language, which we always make English because that is the "global language".


It is really difficult for me to see how HubSpot cannot support such basic functionality but still be so (increasingly) expensive.

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This is definetly needed by companies who work with multiple languages.

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Hey guys,


looks like this is still a pain point in HubSpot.
We can help you out, we have developed a solution for a multilingual preference page.
If you are interested get in touch with me 😉

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Except msalomon Is there someone who found a kind off solution ?


How do you handle with it ?

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I need in a Korean language as well!

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Hi Hubspot Team,


how can I get Beta-Access to this Feature? We are already Beta-User.





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Yes! Same for system pages like 404 please!

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Much business runs international, so a trustful mail-subscription site in native language of customers is definitely needed. Such workarounds are process-killers in the longterm. 

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Will be really helpful.

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Any updates on this from HubSpot?