Multi-language support for email subscription pages

 It would be great if we had multi-language support for the email subscription pages. We should be able to tailor all of our pages to our clients' preferred language.

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Dear Hubspot support team,

It's now almost 18 months since this enhancement has been requested and it seems its resolution status is still "in planning"??!!??

This true multilingual support for the email preference page is absolutely a MUST have feature! It's a non-sense to redirect our French, German, Italian, Spanish or Brazilian prospects and customers to such an English-only page. It's just non professional and non consistent with the fact we're communicating to them in their mother language!

Please give us a clear release date for this feature!


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HubSpot Product Team

We're excited to announce that we're kicking off a private alpha for our new multilingual subscriptions feature - we will be sharing details once we are prepared to release an open beta for users to sign up and gain access. 

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Yes please share the beta subscription! We have the same problem with 15+ languages managed and only English options for subscriptions.

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Yes, we'd love this feature! THANK YOU! 

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We really need this function!

Will it be possible to show different subsctioption types for the different languages? Some of the subscription types may not be used in some countries. 


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This would be really good for us to, we're sending out emails in French and English so would need a few system pages translated. 

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i'm not sure if this covers you need completely but did you check the "Multi-Language Subscription Preferences" module in the marketplace?

We had the same issue with several languages and now at least everyone can understand what the system texts are about. Its using the bowserlanguage and supports 18 languages so far.


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Thanks for this.  This "Multi-Language Subscription Preferences" module works well and as you say uses the browserlanguage setting of the user.


There are system pages which are not yet multiplanguage.

- Unsubscribe backup page (enables users to unsubscribe to all subscriptions)

- Subscription update confirmation page (confirming the changes made in unsubscribes and email preferences)


We have used custom Java script (using browserlanguage setting) to render text in different languages in these pages hopefully they are on Hubspot's  product map to become multi language as well.

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Absolutely mandatory 🙂

Can you please contact me when the feature goes to Public Beta?



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We really need the function to setup different subsctioption types for different languages!

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Including email subscription types!

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Has there been any progress on the beta? this is an ongoing issue that really needs ressolving. 





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Can`t wait for beta tests, it will be very helpful!


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Hi there,

We are in urgent need to have this feature for our services. Being an international company requires the availabilty of different languages, footers, and therefore a multilanguage DOI Process.
Also, we were promised this feature when we signed up with HubSpot in the first place. I am quite dissapointed to not see this feature live yet - Please invite me to the beta asap.

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@Tobias-IL Idea was subbmited in 2017. We have half of 2019 and it`s still in beta.....  don`t expect quick action 😛

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Do we know if the beta functionality is just a google-translate type module? There is already one in the marketplace but the translations are automatic and not accurate enough.


Seems the ideal solution would be to be able to select different templates for each brand domain/subdomain. We have clients with 2 brand domains, they don't want users to be shown unsubscribe options for brands they've never heard of or interacted with.

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any news about the public beta?

Thanks a lot.


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What's happening with this? Any udpates? 

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Having different language modules for unsubscribe/manage preferences in the drag-and-drop email editor, as well as multilanguage support for the preference page is vital for us, too. 

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As a company with international clients a multi language support for the email subscription preference page is a must-have!!!

We are expecting this feature in an internationally deployable tool.