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I have to write posts in social media in English, Italian, German and French. If write posts directly in FB, I can choose the language of the post and my target views the posts according to IP address (country). In Hubspot is not possibile...I have to write one post in several languages all in one single message.


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Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team

Could you help us make sure we build the right feature by answering a couple of quick questions about targeting?


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I would really like to see this idea as well!




Bill Bowman

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I would love to see this also! We're going to have use Hootsuite or something else in the meantime

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Same here, this feature would be very helpful.

We are starting with Hubspot now, and are  very excited, but as long as I can't post multi-language directly from Hubspot I'll have to continue to do it directly on Facebook.
Here's the explanation on how this is done on Facebook, maybe this helps to make my need clearer.

Thanks a lot for considering it! 🙂

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Yes, please add this feature. What happens now? The team leaves the HubSpot platform to go directly to Facebook and enters the two languages and posts. We, marketing team, lose the campaign monitoring and performance tracking. Just allowing the ability to use multiple languages within each post would be a huge benefit for us. Thank you for the consideration. 

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We would love to see this feature, too.

Our company needs to post in German and English.

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Really looking forward to this feature!

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Hello @hubspot please can you let us know about this feature? We really want to manage all our post content in one system - Hubspot. This "Add post in another language" feature has long been around in Facebook, when will it be available to edit in Hubspot Marketing Posts?

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Smiley Happy

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Yes, please

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We have tourism organisations on marketing enterprise level, they can't use HubSpot for Social Media Postings now. And I think so much other Professional & Enterprise Users need multilingual postings. German / Englisch / French / Italian are common. Hope that will be fixed very soon.

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Waiting for this!