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Multi language property names

Hi there!


I would like to have the ability to create multi-language property names for internal use.


My company database is entirely in English and my Dev, Product, Data and other more technical users prefer to use HubSpot in English as well.

However, Sales, Customer Success, Collection, and Customer Experience teams prefer to use HubSpot in Portuguese (our country's main language).


HubSpot default properties usually are translated from English to Portuguese, but we use a lot of custom properties because of our business needs and in these properties, we can't auto-translate based on our employee's HubSpot language. This generates a little friction because technical users want our CRM property naming like our database (English) and operational users want our CRM property naming in our country's language.


If a could manually insert the default property name (English) and the translated one (Portuguese) this problem would be solved.




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Agree! We need this feature, too.


Critical for us to. 90% of our used properties are custom making the user language fairly meaningless with the exception of menu's


This needs to be an area upon property editing or creating where you can manually set a translation for each language as required, this should tie into the user preferences i.e if a user sets default to German it will use the German label of all custom properties. 


This is essential for companies with Eurpean and global operations. 




Following on from this I have mocked up what a potential solution could look like to meet the user case to help HubSpot visualise how this could work. Take a look here:


Translations User Case/Wireframe 


Critical for multi language like the original poster mentions and for global business looking to utilise a single portal


The current workarounds on offer are: 


- Clone all properties and rename to different language (We have custom properties in the 100's we also have complex integrations and API routines meaning this is unworkabel)


- Add the translation into the label i.e. "Customer Type / Kundentyp" however for companies using more than 2 languages this becomes unworkable


- Add the translation into the field description (this unfairly causes friction for other languages outside of your companies default, our German businesses would be at a disadvantage)


Therefore i believe the only solution is to create this new functionality 




Agree we need this. For us, to translat French and English would be really helpful.


Hi, it will be very helpful if we can use multi-language property for personalised token in marketing email. So we can really localise for different market:)


Absolutely! 100% needed, we have sales persons on the fields who speak only French, others only English or German, it's a nightmare for them!


We need that too!


This would be a helpfull function for us as well. Now i need to make a new property for each language that uses forms


We need that too.


Much needed!


General Translation functionality is also an upgrade for dependent field functionality in hubspot forms. Currently it is not possible to change the object's property label for the dependent field in the form (expect you override the label directly in the object). There must be a differentiation between customers language and employees/users language.

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Agree! Having a language variation of custom properties rather than having to clone all custom properties and create new views would be extremely beneficial. This would also be very useful for client communication.
Now, when we are creating a workflow that uses a property to send communication to a client, we have to essentially double the work by having to remember the names of all properties that are the same thing but in multiple languages (difficult when some of our team only speaks one of those) and then add them all to the trigger. Would prefer a solution that allows us to add one property, which would, in turn add all of it's variations to the trigger. 


Very important for us too!


Being a company having users in several countries, we 'ld also appreciate having multilanguage property labels as we do experience language barrier issues using HubSpot.

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For us is super important!!!!


We also really need this. We are operating in multiple countries

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Would be very helpful with clients that operate in multiple languages.


Totally agree! Super important case


This is also a function we need as a company with target markets in different countries with different languages