Multi language default setting contact property - personalisation token

When adding a personalisation token in an email, we use the default setting. However, the default is used in all the emails that we make. Because we work with different languages, the default stage should be different in different emails. After discussing this with Hubspot-Chat, I should create multiple contact properties and set a default for each one.  We already have to make 3 (Dutch, English, German) blogs, 3 CTA, 3 forms, 3 emails etc. etc. Now we have to start with 3 contact properties. 

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This is indeed useful too. My forms are going half in my native language and half in english - and people in my country doesn't speak English

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We have to limit the number of default values we use in our emails for this very reason. We use 8 languages so the extra time required to create separate fields/emails/etc. is too prohibitive for the OOTB feature to be useful as is. 

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I work in English/French/Japanese/German, I'm sure it can be usefull for all the multinational customers.