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Multi languages features like Landing pages & website have.

I think it's essential to have a blog in multiple languages.

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This is in planning - thank you all for your patience!


Additional background and context for anyone interested:

Many have commented that it's weird for HubSpot's page tools to offer a multi-language option while the blog doesn't have that feature. I agree - it doesn't make sense Smiley Happy  The tools look very similar - and the management interface is completely identical across all content tools. But in the back end, the code bases are separate (necessary, as a blog (RSS feed) is inherently different from pages in how it behaves), and there were some other tools (related to the fact that the blog tool uses a single template) that need to be made multi-language friendly before the blog can become multi-language. That's why HubSpot website and landing pages have had the multi-language feature for quite some time while the blog has not. 


My team is eager to provide you with the best possible multi-language blog. We've spoken to many already about their multi-language needs, but we're always looking to hear from more customers. If you're willing to share your thoughts and experiences beyond the comments here (I've read them all!), please book a time to speak with me.


- Snaedis 

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changed to: In Planning

I can confirm this feature is in planning. Please stay tuned here for updates. 

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This is absolutely critical to our SEO strategy in Europe and Asia.  Please prioritize so it moves quickly through development.  We'd love to be a beta-tester when this is ready to test drive. 

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Any ETA for this feature?

benvanlooy Esteemed Contributor | Gold Partner
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I believe the ETA was - 1 year ago Smiley Indifferent

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@benvanlooy  "super" - no progress recorded since 1 year.


So we're basically stuck with either keeping separate blogs, using some sort of "language tags" workaround on the blog or not translating at all?

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Seems like a common trend - they give you an ETA then miss the ETA, go dark, and say they can't give you an accurate date. This happened on another thread I'm part of. They gave us a timeline of completion by Q2, a month into Q2 (after 7 unanswered messages from me in the thread) they responded saying that they are working on it but can't give a date as to when it will be released.



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Every customer that starts te use the cms is saying the same thing. Why are landing pages and website pagina multi-lingual and why is this not available in the blog cms? We also have been asking this since 2017 through all channels at our disposal. 

HubSpot shouldn't launch single-language tools anymore as they did with the Knowledge Base and Chatflows tool. We simply can't sell it like that. 

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Is there any member of the @hubspot team who can give us more information than "we're working on it, but we don't know, when it will be launched?"


Urgently needed feature!!

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We're also keen to have an update on the progress of the development of this feature. 


We recently built out the functionality described here, on a client site:


It took a lot of troubleshooting to get right and definitely felt like more of a workaround than the HubSpot translation functionality on the main website pages.


An update from HubSpot would be much appreciated!

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I'd also like to hear if there is going to be a release of this soon. Seems like a basic feature for blogs that should be included.

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We're also looking for this functionality. Has anyone implemented the recommendations from this article?