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Multi languages features like Landing pages & website have.

I think it's essential to have a blog in multiple languages.

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@krista_caHas anyone implemented the recommendations from this article?


We helped a client roll this out about six months ago.


It didn't work initially and took about a week of back and forth with HubSpot's support team to get right.

I can't remember the specifics, but there was some ambiguity in the instructions that lead to us making a mistake in the code. 


HubSpot's support team was really helpful considering it's all custom coding and technically not something they provide support for. But an out of the box solution would be a heck of a lot simpler! It's hard to see why something so useful can be deployed on website and landing pages but not the blogs. 


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It's actually more frustrating the fact we can't choose the language on a specific blog. i.e the language flag on the blog will always be:




I've made dynamic multi-language blocks using conditionals based on the URL. It's messy but it works. However, it would be ideal that instead of this:


{% if (content.slug is string_startingwith "zh-hk/") or (content.slug =="zh-hk") %}

I can just do:

{% if content.language.languageTag == 'zh-hk' %}

But unfortunately, as the concept of language is missing from blogs, that's currently not possible and I have to resort to the messier option.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Planning

This is in planning - thank you all for your patience!


Additional background and context for anyone interested:

Many have commented that it's weird for HubSpot's page tools to offer a multi-language option while the blog doesn't have that feature. I agree - it doesn't make sense Smiley Happy  The tools look very similar - and the management interface is completely identical across all content tools. But in the back end, the code bases are separate (necessary, as a blog (RSS feed) is inherently different from pages in how it behaves), and there were some other tools (related to the fact that the blog tool uses a single template) that need to be made multi-language friendly before the blog can become multi-language. That's why HubSpot website and landing pages have had the multi-language feature for quite some time while the blog has not. 


My team is eager to provide you with the best possible multi-language blog. We've spoken to many already about their multi-language needs, but we're always looking to hear from more customers. If you're willing to share your thoughts and experiences beyond the comments here (I've read them all!), please book a time to speak with me.


- Snaedis 

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Hi, Can we get any estimation when this feature wil be added?

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Is there a ETA already?

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Yes please. Any idea when this will be live?