Multi-language Blog

Multi languages features like Landing pages & website have.

I think it's essential to have a blog in multiple languages.

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Same here.

Hubspot comes into play for startups and companies executing an international content strategy.

Mulit language support should be implemented accross all marketing features.



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Community Manager
updated to: In Planning

I can confirm this feature is in planning. Please stay tuned here for updates. 

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Wow - that is excellent news :-)


It's one of the biggest frustrations there is for Hubspot!


Hopefully there will be a way to merge the existing language blogs we have so far - that would be the cherry on top ^_^

Like being able to choose a master blog & merge a post form a different blog as translations of that blog post :-)



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That's great news! Would like to know ETA Smiley Very Happy

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@roisinkirby Hi, is there any update on the release?? Looking forward!

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An ETA would be awesome. We're on WP and will certainly not move until that feature is live.


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Would love to know ETA

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ETA thanks

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ETA, please. 

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Hi there,


here you can find a solution which I am still reviewing. Seems a little bit complex but maybe is the solution!