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Multi-language Blog

Multi languages features like Landing pages & website have.

I think it's essential to have a blog in multiple languages.

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I think this is a great idea and would be very useful for everyone. I hope it is implemented soon. 

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Translation of blog content is very important to my client's site as we will be expanding the number of languages over the coming months. I have two other clients that will need this feature soon as well. 

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We currently have a Hubspot blog - it had 6 languages in total.. We had to recreate the blog 6 times and of course the blog post translations are not linked to each other.



Hubspot should really focus on important things like these. I've at least one client who decided not to use Hubspot for exactly this reason and I can't blame them.




Hey all,


Like many of you, I've run into the issue of having a multi-national site and not being able to support it through Hubspot's blog platform. I was wondering if any of you could make any recommendations based on the workaround solutions I've thought of.  Here's a little colour on our website structure:


We've currently got an American/worldwide version of our site and a Canadian version of it Most pages that appear on will appear on the CA version as well. My web developer made it so that the pages would automatically insert the self-referencing canonical URL into the header as well as the hreflang tags for their respective countries. 


Here are my workaround ideas:


  1. Merge the blogs into one
    1. set up redirects from all previous Canadian pages to go to the main site's blog
    2. have my developer set up an automated or manual redirect for when a Canadian visitor clicks through on a blog link IE:
      1. Canadian visitor is on blog page > visitor clicks through on a link to visit a product page > visitor is automatically redirected to     OR
      2. Canadian visitor is on blog page > visitor clicks through on a link to visit a product page > a layover appears, recommending the visitor go to  
  2. Host two separate blogs 
    1. Add language tags to the global header of the blogs
    2. Use self-referencing canonical tag function for each blog post on each site

Can anyone tell me which route they suggest, what the SEO impact would be, or what workaround they would recommend in my case? 


I really appreciate your time and assistance 🙂 


Hi everyone, I also second to this option. What would be the best workaround for now?


 @makototaguchi11 as far as I know, the best work around for now is just creating two blogs. So you have an English blog and an .... language blog. The only thing that doesn't work is the standard translation functionality (people can't translate a specific blog post; they have to go to your other-language-website. Success!

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Correct - creating another blog is basically your only option.


Why Hubspot has foreseen landingpage-translations & no blog-post translations, will forever be a mystery.. one of their biggest mistakes if they'd know how many people decide not to use Hubspot because of this limition. (especially for bilingual countries as i live in)





Thank you. I tried to craete a new blog by copying everything from the old blog but seems like the format is broken.. Maybe the root url is changed so that's why. Does anyone have any idea?




translated version:


Hi @makototaguchi11, it shouldn't be that hard. Just 'edit' an existing blog, then go to ''settings'', click on edit url, then you can change de url, but also select another blog. Then just check if the old url automatically re-directs, or that you have to add an url mapping yourself. 

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We definitely need a multi-language-blog for our international customers. Blog Newsletter subscription in different languages is very difficult also. 


Same here.

Hubspot comes into play for startups and companies executing an international content strategy.

Mulit language support should be implemented accross all marketing features.



HubSpot Product Team

I can confirm this feature is in planning. Please stay tuned here for updates. 

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Wow - that is excellent news 🙂


It's one of the biggest frustrations there is for Hubspot!


Hopefully there will be a way to merge the existing language blogs we have so far - that would be the cherry on top ^_^

Like being able to choose a master blog & merge a post form a different blog as translations of that blog post 🙂




That's great news! Would like to know ETA 😄


@roisinkirby Hi, is there any update on the release?? Looking forward!


An ETA would be awesome. We're on WP and will certainly not move until that feature is live.



Would love to know ETA


ETA thanks

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ETA, please. 


Hi there,


here you can find a solution which I am still reviewing. Seems a little bit complex but maybe is the solution!