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Multi-Step Forms in 1 Form



I would like to request a feature for a multi-step form to be created within 1 Hubspot Lead form, without the need to create multiple forms and redirect via the submission button. The current way is very tedious. 


I'm looking at a solution just like typeform, but as a native Hubspot feature. 



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great idea


Hi! That's a great idea. Also, adding my 2 cents here. I would also include some analytics behind each step and conclude with a funnel chart for analysing which questions perform better than others. 

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Great idea - we are currently using as a native integration for for multi-step forms.

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Native multi-step form capability is a base functionality and really needs to be considered. Resorting to custom development or third-party integration is really hurting clients who are looking to consolidate their tech stacks - with the desire for shorter forms on LPs, multi-step has been a proven way of increasing conversions over longer forms.

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If I remember correctly, such feature request is on the roadmap for 2024 already. Would appreciate it really!