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Multi-Select Drop Down Field for Forms

The idea is to have a Multiple Select Drop-down, which can enable a form visitor to select multiple options for a property by clicking on a dropdown and searching for an option. This would essentially be an altrenative for Multiple Checkbox Field Type, for when there's too many options in the property.  

I've recently faced this issue, where I have a Contact Property field with about 250 different options, with the ability to have multiple options associated to the property. I need to insert this Property into one of my forms, and I find that having this property as a Multiple Checkbox means that the form becomes extraordinarily long, and I have to make the user scroll through each and every option to find the ones relevant to them, along with scrolling through all the 250 options to get to the next form field.  This makes for an incredibly bad user experience on the form, and I'm bound to have an insane bounce rate due to this. There seems to be no other usable alternative as of now. I'm using a multi-select dropdown in my Jotforms at the moment. As much as I'd love to move all my forms to Hubspot, the lack of this field type makes it quite difficult for me. 

The form I'm using now looks like this: 

Screenshot 2020-01-17 at 14.42.12.png

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This is an absolute necessity and the way it's currently setup in forms looks very unprofessional without this.


Yes, please Hubspot, include this. Multiple checkboxes take up way too much room on the form and give it an overwhelming appearance.


Yes I too am looking for this functionality. Both to have a longer list without taking up so much space and make the form look so long, and to have different types of looks on the form. I am trying to avoid having two multi select forms on the same form


i am also looking for this. this is a must. we cannot have the regular checkbox if the options are many. thanks

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This idea would be very helpful for us. In our use case, we have 1500 schools that we want to include in a field. Users would choose their school in a form. Obviously scrolling through that many options is not a good experience, but a text entry field is not good for us to segment users either. If we can provide a search feature then users can find their school quickly and if it isn't in the list then I'd love for them to be able to type whatever value they want.


Indeed it is an absolute necessity to be added in the forms to make it more flexible and presentable as well. 


Please add this feature!!


This would be tremendously helpful. Please, HubSpot, let's get this on your development list!


This would solve a lot of problems if people decide to use Hubspot Forms. This is one of the reasons we've been reluctant to use Hubspot Forms.


How is this not already an option?


Need this idea to be real ASAP , please hubspot


This will be game-changing. Please make it happen!


Yes we would love this option as the forms do look very messy with the current multi-choice layout


I ran into this issue today and am in need of this functionality as well. Please make it happen HubSpot team!


What's funny about this is that Hubspot has this feature in SEVERAL places throughout the platform, but it is not made available for use. I had to pay a developer some decent money to make this happen with one of our properties. 

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I absolutetly agree with this recomendation. I work with some clients and all of them ask for something like this

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Would use this for SO many clients, please HubSpot 🙂


Should be made available as early as possible. It should've been thought of while developing forms. Pretty basic feature.


This ability to have a searchable form field for all multiple checkbox and drop down values would be a huge help to mutliple customers who have larger lista for a single form field // property.

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Tengo varios clientes con esta misma limitación, nos ayudaría bastante que se implemente esta mejora en los formularios...