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Currently working at the full developpement of a new website, we are encountering an issue. At the moment, it is only possible to  visualize the published website (with menus, links etc) or visualize just one page. But as we don't want to publish the bêta version of the new website and we would like to be able to fully see, and test it, before release. We are sure this feature would be helpful to a lot of users.
We will be greateful if you would like do some think for that. 
Our Best regards

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I like this idea - it's essentially a staging or test level for your site, to ensure a thorough QA before going live. I hope it gets kudoed!

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Thank you ! I hope too, I guess that should be really useful for testing all links and the naviguation... 

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Indeed, @sco, as well as ensuring any custom scripts we've written are running and firing without errors. So many benefits!