Multi-Currency Deals

I've seen the response to this query is that it is currently unavailable but being able to have deals in a range of currencies would be very useful.  

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I have changed the currencies on the deals, but this does not seem to update the sales deals leader board.  Or Have I done something worng?


Also what would be great is to be able to set a defuclt currency to each sales pipline. Is this possible?


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So, I set up multiple currencies for my deals. The problem is the deal forecast report in the dashboard is rendered useless with multicurrencies, since it shows the report for the deal amount, instead of the company amount. Since we have deals with different currencies in the same pipeline (USD, ARS and UYU for example), that report is no longer usable.


Shouldn't the report allow some editing to show company currency instead of the deal amount? Any ideas on this?

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I will second Aletocar on this, we need reports that will reflect the converted dollar values into a company report, the deals forecast, and all stock reports, do not do the conversions, so the reports grossly under-represent our actual weighted pipelines (in our case under, others may be over). 



An indication of when reporting will be updated to take currency into consideration, or if there are custom ways to work around this for accurate forecasting dashboards, i'd love to hear about them! 




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@KatieMarr I've created a new Idea for this issue.

Can you please upvote? Since the multi currency idea has already been deployed, i was advised to open a new one to get attention faster.


It's been posted here:



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@aletocar upvote done! 


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Workaround in the meantime is creating a custom report that takes company currency into account, though this is not a solution... 


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Agreed.  I also upvoted.  

But have to say I'm a bit dismayed that HubSpot Product team would "commercially release" this feature without asking its customers what they need, why etc.?  Product Team you have a friendly audience that is willing to devote our time and energy to show you how we want to used multiple currencies.  Why not take advantage of that?

Ideally, this release would have been released with:

a) Here's Phase One of mult. currencies and it includes a, b, and c and  then

b) Our Phase Two will include x, y, and z, along with an estimated time frame. 


It at least lets us know if we need to work with an outside consultant or internal resources to develop a work-around due to the present gaps.

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Where Deals are synced with SalesForce, and work in multiple currencies, this would be really useful!

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Our business operates worldwide. It would be good to have the option to save deals in the local currency. ie. USD, AUD, GBP, EUR etc

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This is now available.  We are using Multi-currency in Hubspot now.


Here is an article telling you how to set it up: