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I've seen the response to this query is that it is currently unavailable but being able to have deals in a range of currencies would be very useful.  

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As a new Hubspot customer, it's baffling that we can't use different currencies - this is a basic feature that needs to be implemented asap.

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Hello Hubspot

We need multiple currencies, at least by teams if not by deals.  In other words, a US team uses US$  a European eam or country uses Euros, etc.  I have teams in the US, Europe, South Africa and Egypt and soon in India.  Hubspot advertizes international currencies, but does no tell you that its only one curency per company until after you have done a lot of work.


This is the 21st century, and business is international.  I'd like to know when we will get this or whther I should start migration to another CRM.



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I am afraid HS is holding this feature back from release. You´ll notice how HS is using multiple pipelines as a way to solve the currency issue. Since multiple pipeplines cost money - a lot of money - HS are not likely to add this feature. 

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Is it my eyes, or do I see the possibility of adding currencies in the admin settings now? Smiley Surprised

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Hi Hmossop

Thank you, yes there iare such possibilities.  But the can only be one currency per Company, not for example, different currencies for different teams within the same comapny.  Also, I see in the community there are  requests for multiple currnecies in a pipeline, which is also not allowed.  Some community members have proposed work-arounds.  I am studying them.  But the basic problem is that hubSpot CRM is woefully defficient in this area.


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Looks like you can add "currency" top the deal properties but you can't do anything with it.


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Your´re right!


But they added it as a "professional" feature. So 368 Euros a month! 


I think we´ll make a workaround. 



HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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Multiple currencies is now live to Marketing Enterprise, Sales Professional and Enterprise, and Service Enterprise customers. Please see this Knowledge article ( for more information!

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Well thank you! this is spectacular news! I've already set it up and can't wait to get my reports in order as well!