Multi-Currency Deals

I've seen the response to this query is that it is currently unavailable but being able to have deals in a range of currencies would be very useful.  

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@MortenFA sorry I'm not in a position to help you. I'm asking Hubspot for an update as I inquired about this feature mor ethan a year ago...


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I'm very happy to see that a lot of people are facing the same issue as us.

Also we would like to get a response on the timeline for the implementation.

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Becoming a bit of a joke, this has been ETA'd for a long time now (firstly to be released in early we're mid 2018.)...any updates?

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The quote tool is nice but I can't use out of the US. Any timeline update on this issue?


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The last that I've heard from Hubspot it that something will be announced at Inbound - since this is Sep, I'm guessing that if they'll just announce it then, it won't be available to the public before sometime Q1 2019.

For us, this is one of the drivers to start considering a different sales CRM.



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Hi Everyone,


We have been battling with the multi-currency for over a year now on our HubSpot instance.

We have now managed to solve this by implementing ZOHO reports connector. (It must be said having to purchase another reporting tool over and above the Hubspot reporting Add-on has not pleased our FD).


For reference, here is what we did:

  1. We have a custom deal property called "Deal Currency"
  2. We have multiple deal pipelines configured (each region want to report in a different main currency)
  3. When doing import into Zoho we included these custom fields (from Deal)
  4. We created a new Forex table (in ZOHO) which contains a currency and date conversion table, this converts a deal into the pipeline currency
  5. We created a new "Query Table" in ZOHO and joined the Deals with the Forex calculation that was created in 4 above
  6. We then had to recreate all the ZOHO reports using the new query table as the base (we created new reports for all of our regions and their associated pipeline currencies).

So our problem is "solved", we now need direct sales execs away from HubSpot dashboards to a new destination for their deal and pipeline reporting.


Hope this helps others in the community.



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Thanks a lot! Nice workaround. 


However I refuse to code this on the side, since I consider it to be a major lack of functionality in HS.  


HS should make it a core feature now!






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@WarrenE@Gatzwiller I agree, it is nice, but getting the sales people to work on a different tool misses the purpose of having a good sales solution.

As I've mentioned in the past, in my discussions with Hubspot I know they are working on it and it is expected to be released soon 

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@gil1001 I hope that's the case, however I've been also told that they they are working on it, and by the end of the year, over 2 years my faith in their updates are waining slightly Smiley Wink

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 We really, really need this capability.  Product team, please provide an update on status.  In April, you said it would be 2nd half of the year.  It's now mid-way through 3Q so when are you anticipating on delivering this?