Multi-Currency Deals

I've seen the response to this query is that it is currently unavailable but being able to have deals in a range of currencies would be very useful.  

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We are using Pipeline to manage multicurencies,   so I dont need a Currency Symbol


If there is one currency with no symbol that would help anyone using the prescribed Pipeline option for managing multicurrency reporting.


It is hardly "dangerous" if you dont want to use the "nil currency" dont use it ,  just like you dont use pesos or whatever

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A must-must-have for international companies. 

I just switched to Hubspot from another CRM which had multi-currency, and it's quite a frustrating surprise to discover it is not in Hubspot yet.

I also read posts dated over a year ago by HS employees, mentioning this was in the "roadmap" already. 

Quite a number of upvotes already, and still probably many customers not voting.


=> Hubspot, could you share your concrete plans on this feature ?



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Any updates on this?  It's not just a CRM problem.   Hard to evaluate ROI of marketing when deals are in multiple currencies and multiple currencies are not supported in Hubspot.

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Is there any update on Multi Currency, especially now that we can produce quotes from Hubspot this function is a must

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We are also in urgent need for this.

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Need this to work.  It's been 2 years since many people are reqeuestring it.  What is the plan?  I need to be able to show which leads i generate are tied to salesforce opportunities.

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Please add this feature! 


It is a show stopper at the moment.




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Could anyone from hubspot please provide an update on this one!


I need to know when this is in place, or I will have to find another CRM that supports a global sales organisation

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update?? last update was more than a year ago-??? @AndyPitre


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@Shannona that doesnt help me Smiley heureux