Multi-Currency Deals

I've seen the response to this query is that it is currently unavailable but being able to have deals in a range of currencies would be very useful.  

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As a global company our biggest downside in using Hubspot is we can't show each deal in its actually currency.


We hope you will give serious consideration to this.

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We would also like to be able to have sales pipelines for each region and report in the appropriate currency (USD, GBP, Euro).

Thanks in advance. Warren

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Allowing for deals in different currencies is on our roadmap. Thank you for the feedback and examples.

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Is there an update on the date by when this may be available, please ?


We have a new Hubspot customer moving onto the Sales / CRM platform with pan- EMEA business - it would help if we knew when this may appear on the roadmap / beta ?



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@TomPerry, we don't have a set date right now, there are a number of other priorities that we are working on first. Our current goal is to start working on multiple currencies in the second half of the year.

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Thanks for the update Andy - even if it's not great news on the timing it is good to be able to position this properly with prospects - cheers

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Any updates on this? Wish we could see the timestamps on this thread. Thx.

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Hey @Simpleselling time stamps to come shortly to all Idea interfaces, apologies for the current inconvenience. 

Andy's own post was recent, you will be notified by email when this Idea is subject to updates or is 'Delivered'.

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@jcox @Simpleselling @TomPerry @Warren @CJenson There is actually a pretty good workaround available which (ideally) involves the Reporting Add-on. I described it in detail on my blog. Hopefully you'll find it helpful. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Hi, I also need this functionality for our company, we operate in 97 countries and having all in USD or EUR doesn't help to local teams.


@DanielBertschi, I tried to follow your approach but it still doesn't fit for us.


Quick question, is there any way to make a custom currency field appear before the amount field on Deal creation form? Placing the field in the right position doesn't seem to work.





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@DanielBertschi, that's great stuff! Thank you!

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Sorry to hear that the workaround doesn't work for you, @Matias_Poisson. It isn't possible to place the custom currency property field on the same line as the amount property but you should be able to add it just before it (= in the line above). I just tested this successfully:

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 16.53.39.png


Here is the Deal creation form after the changes were applied:


Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 16.53.57.png


Please note that the required fields functionality is currenctly in beta and may not be switched on in your HubSpot portal.


Also, great to hear that this hack works for you, @Simpleselling!

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Thanks @DanielBertschi I will try it again. Maybe it's a matter of browser cache.


Updated: Is this browser specific? Because I don't see the same screen as you. Even if I place the property right before amount it should at the end of the creation form with the rest of the custom properties.


Deal PropertiesDeal Properties



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This is currently the main issue holding us back from fully switching from Salesforce to Hubspot Sales/CRM. We already use Hubspot Marketing integrated with Salesforce, but would love to make the move.

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This is a great idea - please implement

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As a sales person for a multinational organization, this really MUST happen.

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Hi @DanielBertschi


I've been playing for a couple of weeks with the properties in order to try find the best way of implementing a temp solution. Basically I'm creating pipelines for each country but also currency field. I rearranged properties and grouped them as needed. This works fine for creation but not for preview form and Deal detail. If you check you will see currency is almost at the end and far away from amount field.


This could be minor problem, but for users working with laptops or tablets makes a difference. They dont see the field in some cases as it doesn't fit screen so they need to scroll.





By the way, any update on the functionality development?





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Hi @Matias_Poisson

You can change this the following way:

  • Open a random deal
  • Click on 'View all properties' at the bottom of the 'About' section

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 00.07.19.png

  • Click on the Currency property (see the highlighted part in the screenshot) and drag it up to the correct position

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 00.00.44.png

  • Go back to the deal view and it should all be fine now. See here for example:

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 00.02.25.png


Please note that this setting is user specific. Every user needs to change this once manually. The setting also applies to the preview functionality. Let me know if it doesn't work for you.


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Hey just chiming in here - think it'd be a good addition to be able to define different pipelines with different deal currencies;

e.g. Pipeline A - CAD

Pipeline B - USD, etc


Another point that came up was in Reporting, and I think it'd be helpful to be able to define currency by pipeline for easier Reporting by pipeline and seeing the various Deal Forecasts etc in their respective currencies.