Multi Channel Feedback surveys

Right now a survey can only be either email OR website. We would want this to be multi-channel at the same time (and as soon as you filled in the 3 months survey wave in one channel, the other channels realise that and stop asking for the survey):


  • Email
  • Website
  • Mobile app
  • API
  • Chatbots (writing to customer loyalty in the feedback tool, not new properties)

Since we often don't have an email from our end user (because they buy from distributors), we don't get enough customer feedback. Having an API or a widget we can embedd in mobile would increase the response rate because all our users use an Android app (without login). But I think also for many other businesses, a smart multi-channel feedback would increase the feedback rates dramatically and improve their business.

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Already having both website AND email enabled at the same time would help.

New Contributor | Diamond Partner
New Contributor | Diamond Partner

Would like a simple embed to include feedback survey directly in-app. 


Yes, the simple embed would also make sure, that people don't mess up the survey question! So save to give to us ;-)