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Move to another inbox: select the new owner or routing

hi everyone, 


We are using multiple inboxes and when moving the conversations between the inboxes the routing doesn't work. 

I have a few ideas: 

1 - launch the inbox routing when the conversation enters a new inbox 

2 - show the dropdown list of the users from the inbox you are moving to. In our case, we always know who should be the new owner.


It's annoying to do the manual routing. 


3 - I was discussing with Hubspot support team: "While the associated ticket will be moved into the other inbox, currently the ticket must be manually moved into the associated pipeline as well; this part of the process isn't automatic. I can understand where the explanation of moving the ticket can be confusing, as it's natural to assume that the ticket will also move to the pipeline connected to the other inbox." 

Can you please also move the ticket to the linked pipeline? 


Thank you.