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Move Folders Themselves (Email)

In the Marketing Email function, you can create folders in folders in folders forever, and you can move emails/files between folders no problem. 


But God forbid you make a mistake or want to reorganize later, because you can't move the folders themselves. 


The workaround is to create a new folder where you want it to be, then move all the files inside to the new folder. But if you have folders within that folder, you'll have to do the same thing for them. And on and on and on. 


So why don't we just make it so you can select, clone, move, and delete folders just like you can files? That's the way file systems work basically everywhere. 

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The ability to clone folders would be suer helpful!

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It makes not sense either that any mail that is not is folder is not displayed when you choose folders.


Here I would expect to have the folders on top and then be able to move any non-folder mails into the existing or new folders.




Yeah that would be very helpful. 


Especially in small businesses, priorities change fast, and so do documents/folders 🤣


Thank you for bringing that up!



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+1 For this idea! We would love to be able to clone entire folders all at once for things like event emails. Every time we host a new event it's a process of cloning the several emails that are involved.


Agree. A clear folder structure where you can also build folders inside of folders would help to keep things better organized.


you should be able to see which folder an email is in from the email home page.

currently, when attempting to move a message into a folder, you can only tell which folder it is in if it already exists in the folder you're selecting to move it to.

there is no indication which folder any email is in other than this. 


I definitely am hoping for the ability to move folders in Marketing Emails. As our email campaigns grow in complexity, the original structure of folders is getting messy. 


I also hope that when we are able to make nesting folders in Workflows, that the ability to move folders will be equally important.


How in earth is this still not possible? Please HS make this happen!

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Insane that in 2023 you cannot move marketing email folders into other marketing email folders

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