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Move Chat to another Inbox automatically

I was wondering if there is any way to automatically move a Chat to another Inbox within a Chatflow-setup using routing rules. The answer is: no it's not possible.

My user story
It happens frequently that a Chat for "non-customers" is started for contacts that are actually customers, simply because the contact could not be identified by hubspot in the firstplace (for example missing cookies). Non-Customer chats go into our Sales inbox.
Now when a unidentified contact inside of a Non-Customer chatflow is identified via email as Customer, I can use routing rules to automatically assign this Chat correctly to the Customer Success team, but the Chat remains in the Sales Inbox: I cannot move the Chat to the Customer Sucess Inbox... so the Sales team must manually move these to the correct Inbox causing a lot of overhead and delay in response time. 
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This would be awesome. 


We use a chatbot so we can assign the correct team the correct type of questions. The different teams has different inboxes, and now everyone needs to use the inbox the bot is connected to as well as their own. It causes friction and its easy to forget one of the inboxes in a hectic day. It would be awesome if this could be fixed.