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For each contact in our HubSpot account it tracks the Original Source Type as a property (e.g. LinkedIn, Email, etc). However, it does not currently track subsequent referrals, which would be helpful to know the success of our campaigns (especially PPC/remarketing campaigns). Is it possible to add another property called "Most Recent Source Type" or "Last Source," which would update each time the person came to a page and filled out a form. That way we aren't attributing conversions to a source that was several months (sometimes years) old? It seems the technology is there since you are tracking the original source; just want to be able to attribute to the last source type. Thanks.

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August 16, 2022 08:32 AM

August 16, 2022 08:30 AM

Hi, everyone! Excited to provide an update on this beta: the team has finished backfilling this data. That means that not only will you see a Latest source value on the contact record, but you will also see it on the deal and company record, too!


To learn more about how these properties work, check out our knowledge doc.

November 15, 2021 08:43 AM



1. No need to request access - for this specific beta, we're prioritizing access over backfilling historical data. Pending any issues, you should see the contact property in your HubSpot portal by end of day Eastern Standard Time.


2. Yes, they will automatically populate. Your workflow suggestion is a great one: my general recommendation is to use latest source data to trigger workflows that 'stamp' the source data onto custom properties that could in turn capture that source data for specific moments, like first form submission source, last source before xyz event, etc.


3. The value is tied to the most recent/latest session. Within a session, multiple views or page submissions could theoretically occur. So whatever source started the last session is what will show up.


4. Yes, you can use them in lists, workflows, and the advanced report builder.


5. Yes - as long as the HubSpot tracking code is installed, it should hydrate values.

6. Not at this time.

In Beta
November 10, 2021 12:54 PM

Hello, all!


Effective early next week, be on the lookout for three new contact properties supported on all contacts:

  • Latest source
  • Latest source drill-down 1
  • Latest source drill-down 2

These properties will look, feel, and work very similarly to the Original source property.


What to expect when this property rolls out to all HubSpot portals:

Once we roll out the latest source contact properties next week, you may notice that not every single contact has a value. For contacts who are engaging with your website more frequently, their latest source property values will begin 'hydrating' naturally; for those who are less-engaged/still inactive, will be backfilling their values.


Additionally, we will be rolling out accompanying latest source properties for the deal and company object later this year. We'll update this community post, as well as send a product notification, when they're available.

In Beta
October 25, 2021 03:14 PM

This is now in a private beta!

Being Reviewed
August 09, 2021 11:58 AM

Our team is building a prototype now. No ETA on when it will be available for beta. Barring any unforeseen snags, we hope to have this into beta at some point soon. I'll be sure to update you all! 

July 01, 2021 08:30 AM

Hi, @Tksarda - Without giving away too much detail, we're still prioritizing this work. However, 'most recent source' may take on a different name and we're viewing this as one of many aspects of the 'original source' problem we want to solve for.


If you're free in August, we'd love to chat with you directly to hear your feedback. Let me know!

May 10, 2021 03:20 PM

Thanks for sharing your feedback, @AbhiJadhav ! This makes sense to me.

April 23, 2021 02:56 PM

Thanks everyone for the continued feedback.


I've been pulling together feedback from this idea as well as others. What I'm noticing is that it's not just the most recent source people are looking for. Often times, there are other moments that marketers need to know the source of.


If anyone wants to provide input, I'd love to hear what you all think about the following:


Contact/Company property:

-Most recent source (the same logic that powers original source)

-First form submission source

-Most recent form submission source

-[Became x lifecycle stage] source



-For all form submissions and sessions (page views), include the source as metadata to the event

In Planning
October 20, 2020 05:07 PM

Hi, everyone! We're in the process of building and delivering some other highly requested/anticipated features before the end of the year. Letting everyone know that addressing most recent source type, as well as some of the other examples @thomasboyd laid out, is something that is still on our roadmap. We'll keep you all posted once we're done with some of the heavy-lifting backend work.

In Planning
April 13, 2020 03:24 PM

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This is something critical for us since once you have your contact there's no way hubspot can tell their original source the next time they fill out another contact form. Please fix this!!


100 % agree.  I need to see which contacts who submitted a form found the landing page by the source type.


I would third this!


To others, right now you can at least track this with UTMs. I would be curious what other analytics tools there are out there that can assist with this as well.


This feature is critical to our team as currently we are not able to track our campaign efforts.


This would be a fantastic metric to have. I want to report on monthly inbound submissions by channel but I can only figure out how to report New Submissions this way.

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Also, adding 'Became a Marketing Qualified Lead Source', 'Became a Sales Qualified Lead Source' etc as properties would allow us to report lifecycle progression by source, rather than just reporting submissions, contacts or customers created in the given date range.


There's gotta be a workaround for this - HubSpot team ... anything? 


This is absolutely necessary, especially when integrating data with other sales platforms, so we know where the sales prospect came from when marketing sent it to sales. Any update on this, Hubspot?


This is greatly needed!

HubSpot Product Team

This is critical -- thank you for moving to planning and keep us up to date on the status!

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I'm also in need of this. Is there a planned launch date for this feature?


Definitely something our team is interested as well.

It would be ideal to figure out what source and utm tags has helped to push the contact to MQL stage, SQL stage, Opportunity, etc.


This feature is very important to maximise marketing efforts. It would enable us to better identify contacts would are at the consideration phase of the marketing funnel, thus enabling us to score them and notify sales of warm leads. 


An essential feature, please add!! 


Please add! 


Something very essential. Though, disappointed that it is still in planning stage.


It is a SHAME that after 3 years this is still the same. We do need this feature urgently.


Can HubSpot speed up this, please? It's difficult to gauge which efforts are driving engagement AFTER contact has been created since the original source never changes (as the name suggests).

HubSpot Product Team

Hi, everyone! We're in the process of building and delivering some other highly requested/anticipated features before the end of the year. Letting everyone know that addressing most recent source type, as well as some of the other examples @thomasboyd laid out, is something that is still on our roadmap. We'll keep you all posted once we're done with some of the heavy-lifting backend work.