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For each contact in our HubSpot account it tracks the Original Source Type as a property (e.g. LinkedIn, Email, etc). However, it does not currently track subsequent referrals, which would be helpful to know the success of our campaigns (especially PPC/remarketing campaigns). Is it possible to add another property called "Most Recent Source Type" or "Last Source," which would update each time the person came to a page and filled out a form. That way we aren't attributing conversions to a source that was several months (sometimes years) old? It seems the technology is there since you are tracking the original source; just want to be able to attribute to the last source type. Thanks.

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This is something critical for us since once you have your contact there's no way hubspot can tell their original source the next time they fill out another contact form. Please fix this!!

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100 % agree.  I need to see which contacts who submitted a form found the landing page by the source type.

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I would third this!


To others, right now you can at least track this with UTMs. I would be curious what other analytics tools there are out there that can assist with this as well.

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This feature is critical to our team as currently we are not able to track our campaign efforts.

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This would be a fantastic metric to have. I want to report on monthly inbound submissions by channel but I can only figure out how to report New Submissions this way.

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Also, adding 'Became a Marketing Qualified Lead Source', 'Became a Sales Qualified Lead Source' etc as properties would allow us to report lifecycle progression by source, rather than just reporting submissions, contacts or customers created in the given date range.

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There's gotta be a workaround for this - HubSpot team ... anything?