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More workflow options for date properties

We don't always want to "hold" a contact in a workflow in order to set a date property for a number of days in the future. Sometimes we want to change a date property that's been set in the past. It'd be great if we had more workflow actions available to choose from: 


1) Set a date property based on a rolling date (i.e. 6 weeks in the future, 2 weeks ago, etc.) 

2) Add/subtract time from a date property. For example, increase a date by 2 weeks. This isn't the same as option #1, in cases where the date property is already set for a time in the future. 

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Good idea and would seem relatively easy to implement since HubSpot already has rolling-date options in lists.

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 This is such a great idea. This would be so useful for users that are looking to automate the upkeep of theri contacts in large databases. I just spoke to someone who was looking to use a workflow to update a contacts custom proprety for "Projected Close Date" and they wanted it to be 6 years after another date property.


Currently in the tool the only way to really do this for large numbers of contacts is to have a speadsheet and bulk update in Excel and then import back into HubSpot, which can certain be an inconvenience.


It would be so much easier to just set up a workflow and not have to periodically update it for each and every record.


We very much want to be able to set future dates based on when a deal closes that will also inform the "renewal date" 1 year later. This way, we can automate the renewal notification, task, and deal creation process leading up to the partner's renewal date. 


100% upvoted. This functionality will be extremely useful for us as we're publishing company so many of our automated campaigns were set around subscription and publication dates.


Currently, the option is very limited when it comes to personalization token for email usage.




Definitely see the value in this. Looking to integrate our CS team with our Sales team so the ability to set future dates based on things that happened today is great. 


i.e. An account churns and we want to pass that back to the sales team after 90 days. Before that 90 day limit the CS team can work to rewin the business so I want to schedule reminders 60/30 days before the 90 day limit. Plus if they are making progress they just manually overwrite the return date to prevent passing the deal to sales at the wrong time strategically. 


This is a great idea, it would be great if we can set a workflow per deal stage and set a rolling date on the close date depending on the date that the deal was moved/added to that stage.


E.g. I moved my deal to stage Decision maker bought-in without a close date, the close date can be automatically added or updated to date the deal was added to this stage + 6 months.

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Hi Everyone,


I'm Jesse Tremblay, Product Manager for our Automation products here at HubSpot. Thanks for all of your feedback on this thread.


While we don't currently have anything planned here, we are going to be reviewing this idea. We will update this thread as we learn more.





As skyliem says


We would find it very useful to be able to set the close date on a rolling date format, for example: When stage 3 is met, set close date to 60 days from today.


Yes please!!!


Adding another upvote to this suggestion!


We are trying to set date-based workflows for expiration notices - the expiration date is based on an "application processed" date property, the latter of which we can set via workflow. However, I have to use Zapier to copy and then increase the value by 1 year and send it back to Hubspot. Would love to do this without a third party.


Right now we can increase property values that are number-based but not date-based. Seems like the functionality of the "delay" option in a workflow based on # of days would have some cross-over to developing this option.


* Agreeing that expanding increase/decrease function to apply to dates instead of just numbers would be helpful


* Being able to add and subtract dates from each other also. (I would like to give a "longevity score" to associated companies with deals that stay in business for a long time by subtracting an onboarding date from a termination date.)


* Anything that could turn a value from a date picker into 3 separate values of day, month, year would be EXTREMELY helpful because if that were an option I could make workflows that would take care of most or all of the math I'd like to do with dates. The main obstacle to date-focused math now is not being able to say something like "If month is January, assign value x..." but having to say "If date is 1/1/2020 or 1/1/2021 or 1/1/2022 etc etc etc" 

Please do look into this. There is no ability in Hubspot for me to automatically set the close date to 14 days from the date it enters the stage 'Training Done' in my 'Schools' Pipeline, which is important for us to forecast more accurately when our deals are going to close. Bizarrely this setting of a date field by number of days from an event is possible when you use a workflow to create a deal, you can state close date should be x days from then but it doesn't exist for updating date fields after deal creation which is frustrating.

Yes - totally agree on this, it'd be a very helpful improvement.

I'd like to use this to increment the close date based on a custom leadtime field, to populate another field with the newly incremented revenue date.

Likewise, the ability to use a calculated field based on a a date field + number field (representing days), for the same increment would work too for my issue.


Yea workflows that interact with date-based properties are really needed


3 anos que existe essa necessidade e até hoje a hubspot nao fez, uma função que todos os concorrentes dela possui, triste saber que necessidades especificas não sao atendidas


Agree with this! I would like to be able to add 1 year to a yearly occuing deal/record autmatically. 

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Is this still being looked at? The last update is well over a year old.


It is unreal how this is still not possible


@jtremblay Is there any update on this?


Having the ability to set a specific date property to a future date would be fantastic, as our Deals(Quotes) expire after 30 days, and it would be great to sort deals by the expiry date in order to follow up contacts who have not yet proceeded with the Deal(Quote).


There are multiple threads where people have requested a similar feature, as per the below threads:





We really need this feature!