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More restrictions in the form area for admins

Hello all,
for our admin team it is currently not easy to keep our system clean and offer users only what is relevant for their daily business. Specifically, it's about the form area in HubSpot, which unfortunately seems to be linked to the CTA area.


So, unfortunately, our admin team can't turn off the fact that people from marketing can build forms, but can't get access to the CTA functions. Both are coupled with each other. However, through the CTA function, it is theoretically possible for users with form access to create new CTA's and, in the worst case, play them out on our website.

So it would be good if these areas could be separated from each other in the roles & permissions settings. Basically, as an admin, I would like to see more options at the rights level in HubSpot so that we can offer users even more targeted "working tools" in HubSpot.







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Closing down of menus and restricting access to permissions is a really poor level of functionality within HubSpot.  We don't want our sales team to create CTAs yet there is no way of preventing them access to this.  The inability to control permissions and menus appropriatley for multiple countries and teams is one of the reasons why we have chosen an alternative CRM.