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More personalization tokens in scheduler calendar event descriptions

My reps are using the meeting scheduler links for booking meet-ups at events. Only their intital "meeting booked" emails have all the necessary contact and meeting info in them. The event description in calendar event that is created includes only a few options for personalization tokens.  I can't even add the contact phone number or even the fields from the scheduler, not a link to the contact record. We always add a "meeting subject" or "what would you like to discuss" field and that especially seems critical to add to a calendar event. My reps must look up the contact record in order to get their phone number, which is especially ridiculous if they are walking around on a tradeshow floor! It should all just be there in the calendar event but I can only add the contact name, email and company! 


More meeting/scheduler related personalization tokens in the event description would be helpful for the automated meeting reminders and confirmation emails as well, since the event description is inserted into them.


Seems like a really easy ask and limiting the tokens is counterintuitive to me in the first place. Hope we can get this added!

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Agreed;  I'm sure this was done to simplify the options for users, but it also limits the Meeting feature potential. 

Hubspot -- Its such a small change, please add!    


Calendly has this. I know because someone just switched to that from HubSpot meetings because of this. Its additonal friction for no good reason. 


Hubspot please add this


I found a way to do this. You can add other properties to the description by typing things like {{company.name_of_any_company_property}} in the description editor and it works