More intuitive handling of dropdown field placeholder values in HubSpot Forms

2018-05-04 Form dropdowndefault.png

This idea concerns the rendering of a dropdown field in the Forms editor.

("A", "B", and "C" refer to the corresponding elements in the attached composite screenshot.)


Currtent behavior:
When A is blank, B will show "Please Select", while the actual live form will show the first value in the list of possible values for the dropdown field, as can be seen in preview C.


Problem with current behavior:

B showing "Please Select" (which is a plausible placeholder text) suggests that leaving A blank will in fact result in a default placeholder text "Please Select". Since this is quite plausible, a user might not check the preview C or a live page to learn that the placeholder text is not in fact going to be "Please Select" when A is blank.


Suggested behavior:

When A is empty, B should also be empty, or show the first values as in C.


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