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More granular user permissions - Merge

My customer needs to restrict some users from merging deals based on their role. It is necessary to implement more customizable permissions in HubSpot, as the only way to achieve this is by setting the edit permissions as None, which is not the desired outcome as the team members still need to update the records. There should be a explicit way to restrict/grant users access from performing actions on the CRM like merging records. Thanks!

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Today I received a user who needs to set the mandatory properties at the user level when moving the deals from a stage to another, which would be possible with more granular permissions

Screenshot 2022-07-01 151233.png

Hoje recebi um usuário que precisa definir as propriedades obrigatórias no nível do usuário ao mover os negócios de um estágio para outro, o que seria possível com permissões mais granulares e específicas 

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This would be a really important addition that woud reduce the risk of inexperienced users merging contacts and thereby causing the loss of data which is not retrievable.