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More granular permissions for managing Subscription Types

Currently, as long as a user has access to Marketing Emails (even 'Read only' access), they will be able to add/edit/delete Subscription Types in the portal settings.


This can be problematic for organizations with large teams of content creators as any user with access to the Marketing Email tool will be able to alter the carefully defined Subscription Types.


For such organizations, it is imperative to have a separate admin-level permission specifically for managing Subscription Types (and perhaps the other email-related settings), regardless of whether they can read/write/publish in the Marketing Email tool.

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Yes please .. we really need this for our organisation


It is important we have this permission implemented for our business.


Subscription types NEED to be locked down!  Please consider this fix soon, I can't keep checking that users aren't accidentally creating these.  Thanks! 

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This is a pretty core functionality needed for many of our clients. Would love if the ability to edit/add/delete subscription types was limited to users who are able to edit global settings. 


For many of our clients, they have large number of content creator users who need to be able to make and send emails. However those same users should not be able to edit subscription types for the organization as a whole.