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More functionality for knowledge base tags

I'd like to make use of the knowledge base tags I've implemented.

Over in the admin section of knowledge base:

  • I'd like to filter all my KB articles by tag or tags.

Only 6 possible filters right now - see screenshot:

Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 4.14.30 PM.png

  • I'd like to select many articles and bulk edit their tags.

Finally, I agree with the previous idea submitted to allow filtering by tags when searching within the knowledge base.
Thank you


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+1 being able to filter the knowledge base articles by tags would be very helpful!

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Smart feature fix to help Service Hub grow in usability. Nice!


Agreed, this goes hand in hand with Tag management.  If I'm wanting to remove a tag from Tags I would first want to remove it from all articles, or archive all articles using the specified tag.  Filtering would achieve this.


+1 Current tag management is not complete to be really usefull.

We should be able to:

- update in bulk tags for several articles in the knowledge base

- filter articles by tags




+1 We would also find it helpful to be able to filter by tags. We'd also like to be able to export a report/dashboard of all the different tags we've created and seeing a summary of which tags are assigned to each article. At the moment there is no way of doing this aside from going into each page individually and noting each tag down.