More formatting options in Sales Email Templates

It would be great to have more or precise formatting options in the Sales Email Templates. Problems I'm facing up are:

  • a standard font "Arial", which isn't available in the dropdown for the fonts yet
  • the indent text button is missing to write on the same height as list items of a bulleted list

More formatting options could be made available through adapting/optimizing the editor or through a option to change the editor to HTML-code (and adapt the styling in CSS).

Thanks for consideration of this idea!


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I would like to see this happen too. Our firm has a strict style guide that we use for all of our emails. According to HubSpot, you can add custom fonts to websites and landing pages but not to email templates! An easy way to make everyone happy would be to add the font options that are available in MS Office. Currently, there is no Calibri font in HubSpot which is a standard/popular font and the color options are very limited. The spacing isn't customizable either.


This is counter-productive to the convenience that email templates provide! Any emails sent via HubSpot won't be in our style and pasting a template in Outlook will require additional formatting before sending so it can match our style.

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What's the feedback of HubSpot in regard to this idea? Does the product team work on this or are more formatting options in Sales Templates not planned for future developments?

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My clients need this too

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We have Sales Pro and without a formatting option, we can't use the templates. This should be a priority feature. You can format ideas and replies, so it should not be hard to add formatting to sales templates.

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Yes! Indent option, more fonts, and more options in general for formatting is a must have in the sales templates section. This response box has more options than the templates do...

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I agree 100%.  I hope this happens sooner than later!  Smiley Happy

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Me too! Most of our sales emails are short and simple, but occasionally, we want to include more sophisticated formatting.  I would be really excited to see this functionality or hear of a workaround.

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Also need the ability to copy/paste tables. This is key for many of our sales emails.

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Being able to paste tables both in Sales and Support / Service / CRM as well. 


The format is a tad generic, and it's difficult to loop back and fourth between outlook and within hubspot. 

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We really need indent formatting as well. Looking forward to hearing if there are plans for this.